Üntel Kabloları Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

İnkılap Mah. Dr.Fazıl Küçük Cad. Üntel Sok.
No:26 Ümraniye
34768 / İstanbul /

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ÜNTEL KABLO is one of the leading cable manufacturers in Europe, with its modern, innovator, high technology factory and has been established in 1972 to manufacture specialty rubber and PVC cables.  ÜNTEL KABLO aims to be become one of the leading cable manufacturers in the world keeping the customer services and the product quality as most important.
ÜNTEL KABLO made a new factory investment in 2010 to extend its production plant to 32.000 m⊃2; closed and 11.000 m⊃2; open space. The new factory plant and machinery have been designed in details to improve quality and services with high tech machines and unique ERP process.  ÜNTEL KABLO has rubber, PVC, PUR, halogen free and similar elastomer compound technology.
Product range is over 15.000 different types of cables which require manufacturing experience such as marine, offshore, mining, railway and instrument types. With its yearly 4.000 tons different type of compound production, 3.000 tons copper drawing capacity,  ÜNTEL KABLO is able to process 14.000 tons of copper per year. In order to increase the customer satisfaction and production capacity,  ÜNTEL KABLO operates with just in time (JIT) production concept and by this way it provides price advantage by removing unnecessary costs.
ÜNTEL KABLO, provides solutions by evaluating customer demands and expectations according to target country’s standards and requirements, and has approximately 150 blue and 35 white collar workers. Not only focusing on standard quality,  ÜNTEL KABLO also researches and develops its products to get better quality result and customer satisfaction. That’s why  ÜNTEL KABLO is the leading producer in its sector and influences other manufacturers.
If you also like to have your share of the best quality product and service,  ÜNTEL is always at your disposals.

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Год основания 1972
Registration no 917 001 6069 / Dış Ticaret V.D.
Тип компании Главный офис
Факс +90 216 632 9523
Сайт http://www.untel.com.tr


Регионы: Азия/Океания, Ближний и Средний Восток, Африка, Центральная/Восточная Европа, Западная Европа, Северная Америка, Центральная Америка, Южная Америка


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    Более 50 млн. TRY

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Bay Mehmet Ünlü

Председатель (President)

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