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Unifeeder A/S Danmark Filial

Maskingatan 5
41764 Göteborg

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Unifeeder is a dynamic logistics company with the largest and best connected feeder and shortsea network in Northern Europe. We simplify the complex tasks of choosing and managing supply chains by providing efficient and sustainable transport solutions. We provide the edge that companies are looking for in an ever more competitive world where logistics take on strategic importance.

Through us, our customers have access to markets from the Atlantic to the Urals. By lowering barriers, shrinking distances and multiplying opportunities, Unifeeder helps to release the full potential of businesses in search of growth.

We are a partner to customers on all levels: strategically, tactically and operationally. By expanding the network, coming up with innovative solutions and being agile in day-to-day operations, we help our customers concentrate on their core business.

Our Feeder Services offer international container shipping lines easy access to ports all over Northern Europe. Unifeeder's network is a crucial link in regional and global supply chains, and stretches from the western edge of the North Sea to the eastern rim of the Baltic Sea.

Unifeeder's pay-as-you-go concept closely ties costs to Customers' volumes. The versatility of our fleet enables us to handle major volume fluctuations. Unifeeder ensures the required service contingencies, regardless of volumes and operational constraints.

Our Shortsea Services provide our European customers with fully multimodal door-to-door solutions, combining seaborne transportation with road and/or rail. When intra-European cargo is carried from door to door, seaborne transport is combined with rail and/or road into an integrated multimodal transport solution that optimizes the whole supply chain rather than each individual link.

We tailor solutions to suit individual needs using our extensive network, frequent services and state-of-the-art IT solutions.

For manufacturers, shortsea transport increasingly serves as "an extended conveyor belt" due to its efficiency, flexibility and reliability.

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Год основания 2009
Уставной капитал 500 000 SEK
Тип компании Главный офис
НДС SE516405219201
Факс +46 31 64 46 99
Сайт http://www.unifeeder.com


Регионы: Западная Европа

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